Activating Your Straight Talk Sim And IPhone

I have several questions to clarify. I will show you how to activate your iPhone through at & T. This is a iPhone 4.. I will continue to show you. This is a 18T. What is 18T? It is not an unlocked at & T, nor is it an ordinary lock phone.

When you order Straight Talk SIM, it is a regular T & t phone directly from the company. I have Straight Talk SIM card here, and I will join this little activation kit. I have a paper clip to pick up the SIM tray. What you need is a red card with this number. This is basically the serial number of your SIM card.

The first thing you need to do is go to After you have the SIM card, you need to click activate or reactivate the SIM card slash phone. Let me tell you the difference between them quickly. Activation will apply to new SIM card users. If you are not familiar with blunt language, please select activation.

Reactivation means that your phone may have been up for a few months and then your phone is not up because you have no time to pay. These are the two meanings. Any of these options that you activate or reactivate can either transfer my existing Straight Talk service or activate my blunt message service using another company’s number.

In this case, you need to have previous account names, previous passwords and contact information. You need to have these three things, because direct conversation will ask you that.

If you don’t know whether your service provider’s previous pins were H2O or red pockets or I Wireless or any other prepaid service, you need to call the company and get your PIN number and your account number.

If you want a new number, please continue and activate it. If you want to re activate the Straight Talk service, click continue. You can enter the serial number here. This is the red card I showed you before. You need to input your zip code. This is your service pin. This is the card you bought from WAL-MART.

You must register MasterCard or visa card. I have a service pin, so I will continue to input all the information. After completing this information, you simply click on “continue”. It will ask you to basically fill in your address and so on. You will pay with master card or credit card, so you need to input your credit card information.

It will ask you to activate your cell phone. However, my screen recording was not captured. I can’t tell you that screen, but this is very self-evident. You will continue to click activate the phone or activate the SIM card. Once activated, I will continue to use the clip to remove the SIM tray and put the SIM card into it. We saw that it was searching. Let’s continue to make a phone call. This is feasible.

The last step we need to do is to put it here. I will show you how to get data. You need to enter Safari and unlock it. This is basically your APN converter. We installed a direct call configuration file. We plan to create APN and operators are not aerial firepower. We need to talk about it. Click OK. We created and installed APN in the United States.

You need to check it to ensure that our data is running properly. I plan to close Wi-Fi, so now you will see 3G popping up. Let’s focus on this. Wi-Fi shut down, let’s go to Google. Data is running. I will check it carefully. The data is now running. If you want your picture message to work, I have another article, I will put it here.

This will require a T-mobile SIM card. It does not need to be activated. This will require you to enter the settings. You don’t have to be sent to prison for doing so. If you want to learn how to operate, please click here.