Is Walmart’s Straight Talk iPhone SE Unlocked?

Let’s go back to this iPhone to test whether it has been unlocked and why. I think it’s effective because it says direct talk uses everyone’s tower and buys the right to use AT&T, T-Mobile Verizon and Sprint towers. That’s why it works. On the day of iPhone 5S, the direct conversation was unlocked.

This is the direct top-level. We got second from WAL-MART, because another person behaved so badly. It says no SIM card is installed. I put in a SIM card and the screen was frozen. This is OK. I’ll open it this time. This is it. Give me SIM card. The professional way to open the SIM tray is to pop it up, and it is still in the cell phone shell.

It’s still in the box. This is the consequent iPhone. Yes, you go there and don’t check your Snapchat. We’re working on it, sir. So this is Minsim twice. Last time we stopped the phone. This might be good. I insert the SIM card before I turn on my cell phone. I worry that this will drop in the same way.

I hope it will not. If so, how do you feel about it? Let’s see if it is. Let’s go down in the same way. What do you think this means? It’s locked. This means that it is locked, and it can only run without service. This is not a good omen. I heard that some of them were locked up, but some of them were not. I was half locked.

Now the Wi-Fi symbol has been activated, so it is a cellular network. The next process will take a few minutes to make your cell phone drive me crazy. Let’s add some swamp sounds. This is what it says. If you cannot access the activation server, your phone may not be accurate. Try to connect your cell phone to minimal activation or retry in a few minutes.

I don’t know if this is a good thing. It activates and goes back here. It is doing the same thing. This is the carrier. This is the lock. We got the wrong screen again. This is very annoying. Let’s take out a simple mobile SIM card to see if it works. There will be second mobile phones. I have confirmed that if minsum is unlocked, it will not be able to run again.

Let’s see if this is effective. Let’s look at a simple one. It does not need to be reactivated. Look at this. It is useful. You can make a phone call. What do you call crazy game players? Let’s see if it rings. It rings, which means it works. Simple cell phone iPhone looks the same. We have a video about this. I will not give up in this.

Let’s extract the mobile SIM card from that cell phone. This is an old phone. I put in the SIM card and voicemail. This is an activated simple mobile SIM card. It should not work with it. Let’s see if the call is effective. Here I come. It rings. This is Ricky. Confirm that Straight Talk iPhone is applicable to simple mobile devices. Let me see if it applies to cricket cricket SIM card.

It says no SIM card is inserted. I put the cricket in. Activation requires dismissal. Let’s see if it works in the same way. It may take a few minutes to activate the cell phone. It is not an unlocked cell phone, but it is suitable for simple mobile phones. It can dial the phone and automatically use it on simple mobile devices, because it can call directly.

When we insert other cards, it doesn’t work. You have the cell phone unlocked. It is locked on simple mobile and direct call total wireless. It applies to iPhone 5 and simple mobile and cricket. IPhone 5 is likely to be unlocked. It looks like they are locking it up.

This is the SE guarantee from SE, not many. In this article, I also come to the conclusion that I do not think that any other iPhone is unlocked at this time. There may be some secret phone calls that may be working with different operators. A simple cell phone may be suitable for Straight Talk.

Thank you for reading. Please comment and subscribe to see crazy players. Remember, we have uploads and some great stuff every week. Check us at will. We tried this with another iPhone from WAL-MART earlier in the day.

Its behavior is exactly the same as what you see. It needs to connect to iTunes and log on to Apple ID account. Every time we logged in, it kicked us out, and then we started basically the way we showed it.