Straight Talk BYOP Activation Kit with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon LTE SIMs

We’ll take a look at this Straight Talk wireless with your own mobile activation kit, which contains all the materials you need to use a Straight Talk wireless smartphone. You can purchase this kit in local WAL-MART or subscribe directly from

Let’s open the suite and take a look at what’s inside. It’s a straightforward way to bring your own mobile activation suite for 4G LTE phones and most 3G CDMA or GSM phones. It will work with AT&T Verizon Sprint and t-mobile, the top four carriers. The suite includes nano-micro and standard CDMA and GSM, so you will have a SIM card for your phone. It contains $45, contract-free unlimited call text and data plans. You will get the top 5 GB of data at a high speed, and then get the rest at 2 g. According to the quantity.

Let’s take a look at the package. I’ll put the package aside. It’s just a description of the plastic in front of the package. It’s just some illustration or narration. First, it tells you how you can activate your phone with just one SIM card. Either you use 18 to your mobile SIM card and return one, or you will use the network access code and SIM card in the CDMA-compatible mobile packet, and you can share with your family any unused Sims or network access code or friends

And then there’s the service plan on the back. It’s your first month. It’s a $45 30 day plan. You can delete it, and then the number here is your service pin, which is just a service guide, some instructions on how to set up the phone, this is a clause and a service that tells you all the details about you sign up to participate.

Let’s take a look at these two packages. Let’s take a look at the SIM cards. These are SIM cards for your AT&T or T-Mobile phone. You can use these four AT&T cards and talk directly to the t-Mobile network, respectively.

If we open it, we’ll see four cards here. On the left, blue cards are direct calls for AT&T networks, and you can use them for AT&T compatible devices. On the right, you’ll see the pink SIM card, and you’ll use the four direct session mobile networks or mobile compatible devices.

The first card is a double SIM card. It’s a standard or micro SIM card. It can be used as a standard SIM card. You just punch out a white card with a plastic card. Then if you need a micro SIM card, you’ll knock out the standard size SIM card. Then we can talk directly to the AT&T network through the nano SIM card.

He’ll just punch it out. We have dual SIM cards, which are standard or Micro SIM cards, from which you can lay a standard size SIM card. Then you can type Micro SIM out of the standard SIM card. Finally, we have a nano SIM card or a straight T-Mobile network all the way.

This is the CDMA SIM card package of Verizon mobile phone. Now when you open it, it looks a little different. The first thing you’ll see is this network access code. Here’s a password that you might scrape off to activate or register your phone on a direct session CDMA network. When you’re using a Verizon phone, you need to check if the phone is eligible for direct calls, and if so,

You need this network access code to register your phone on the network, and again here you’ll see that we have dual SIM cards, standard or Micro SIM cards for direct session Verizon networks. You can type out a standard size SIM card from the card, and then if you need a Micro SIM card, you can type it out of the standard SIM card. Finally, we have the Verizon nano-SIM card. If you need it, you can open it again. I think so.