Straight Talk iPhone 5s Unboxing and Initial Setup

This is iPhone Straight Talk wireless. This is 5S, silver or light version, 16 performance. On the back there is a small bag containing SIM cards, registered and information, standard, inconspicuous boxes. They should pass FedEx. They need to sign their names on arrival, which is a bit painful.

Let’s open the box. The new iPhone 5S is used with all other iPhone SIM removal tools that I am going to use. I need standard instructions. Your logo Apple sticker comes with headphones, power adapters and USB lines.

I have registered my SIM card online. After registration, it told me that the first thing I wanted to do was to pop up the SIM tray. I put the SIM card into the tray and insert it. This is a trailer for iPhone 5S. If you buy directly from stores, this is the way you get paper towels.

Let me wake it up and set it up. I want to enable location-based services. My carrier’s idea is based on blunt words and all other reports. It should end up talking about TFW. I will not use iCloud at this time, so I will close it. I want to set touch ID. If you are interested in touch ID, you can see it later.

I will use Siri to send diagnostic information and register it to Apple. We will start. It changed operator ID. At the top, it has changed to TFW. Let’s click the app store in speed test. Return to the main screen and disconnect my Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is now closed.

This is a rural area, so it is reported that 3G. I am not surprised at this. I believe this is done directly on Verizon. I understand all the direct purchases you have and have sent them to you to run on Verizon. This is a good download speed. If that’s the case. This is plastic, which makes it easier to click on the home button.

The next thing I want to check is whether it receives or calls. Let’s make a phone call. It can dial the telephone without any difficulty. The other thing I want to see is, if it can send text messages with pictures, I take quick pictures and try to send text messages. If you have your own device iPhone 4S and SIM card, it will not make MMS.

I had a cell phone Nexus 5 on T-mobile and sent a photo. Because I’m in the countryside, texting is not the most common response, whether or not I visit iTunes Store frequently. As we expect from my mixing here, there is no word notice.

I sent a text to myself to say if you can get this. When I checked my message, I didn’t receive MMS. This is a big obstacle for me. I posted the picture here, but I didn’t see it. This is a big obstacle for me. I want to check if it is useful. I will follow up directly to see what will happen. Thank you for your continued reading. If you have any queries, please click the comments at the bottom.